Are you looking for a memorable milan sightseeing tour  ? Do it in a very different way.

TraMilano is a city tour of Milan onboard the historical Tram line number one,who runs since the first of 9th century across the city center of Milan.

With more than 20 stops in the most inconical places of Milan like La Scala, Montenapoleone, Duomo, Castello Sforzesco and more you can discover Milan onboard the historical Tram Line including a MilanoCard for 24h and a very innovative audioguide, is a mobile and disposable audioguide that you will be able to bring with you also when you get off the Tram at the stop that you prefer because TraMilano City Tour is an Hop On Hop Off city tour of Milan.

Let’s start with some of the most important things to know about this marvelous tour. First of all don’t think to the ordinary tour onboard a bus, is a real tour onboard a real hisotorycal Tram used every day also to the local citiziens and completely different from a modern tram or bus, you will find on Tram n.1: wooden benches (instead of plastic chairs!) placed along the sides of the vehicle, wooden steps to get on board, an automatic special get off system (that was innovative at the beginning of the ‘900), typical folding doors and sash windows. The Tram rides often are 10 minutes so you can get on and get off without any though to lose time and you can choose to do it when you want from 08.00 am to midnight to see and discover every side of Milan under every type of light.

When you arrive to collect your ticket you will receive a welcome kit where you find the disposable audioguide, after the tour could be a very nice gadget and the MilanoCard the local tourist card with which you have free public transport for 24h , 2 rides free with personal driver, free on call medical assistance, free interpreter on call and benefits for musuems, restaurantas and much much more. If you have choosen a specific Line of TraMilano, like Leonardo Line or Shopping Line you will receive also the addon included in this option (please read below).

With your audioguide you can reach, from Central Station, the start point of TraMilano (Tram number1, direction Piazza Castelli) and with the support of your audioguide you will be drive along the route. The main stops of TraMilno sightseeing, that we suggest, are Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Cavour, Montenapoleone (shopping district), Piazza Scala, Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello, Arc of Peace. Are the main places of Milan where you can find the most iconical building and attractions of the city with discounted or free access with your MilanoCard.

You can choose the TraMilano Line that you prefer, there are several option and each one includes a lot of benefit and things to do, much more than a simply sightseeing tour of Milan.

TraMilano Touristic Line is the basic line, includes 24h of city tour on the Tram, MilanoCard 24h and the disponsable audioguide. It costs 15€ and children are free till 10 years old. Is the only one tour in Milan that is free for children.

TraMilano Leonardo Line is the option dedicated to the lovers of Leonardo da Vinci. Includes 24h of tour, MilanoCard 24h and free access to the House of Leonardo the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana with the original drawings of Leonardo. Thanks to the MilanoCard you will be entitle also to visit the Leonardo3 museum and a lot of other places on the footsteps of Leonardo. TraMilano Leonardo Line costs 25€

TraMilano Shopping Line is the best solution for Shopping Lovers. Includes 24h of TraMilano tour, MilanoCard 24h, Audioguide with App also in Russian language and a roundtrip ticket for Fidenza Village, the shopping outlet Village located in the south are of Lombardy. This tour is 20€.

With any line that you will buy is included a voucher with 5€ discount for a memorable Sauna Tram.

Is possibile to purchase the TraMilano from the official website , paying with your credit card and receive the tickets and the welcome kit at your arrival airport or railway station or at your hotel.